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We feature both artistic and authentic Japanese potteries of Wood fired ware arts incl. Bizen, Iga, Oribe, Shino and etc.

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No.6717 細川敬弘 備前陶片正方小皿 15cm Bizen square plate by HOSOKAWA Takahiro

15~16 x 15~16 x 2cm(H)
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  • No.6717 細川敬弘 備前陶片正方小皿 15cm Bizen square plate by HOSOKAWA Takahiro

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  • 15~16 x 15~16 x 2cm(H)

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    細川 敬弘 陶歴
    1979年 岡山県生まれ
    1999年 備前陶芸センター卒業
    祖父 竹村永楽のもとで学び
    2000年 作陶活動を始める
    2008年より やきもの長縄にて個展
    2015年 東京アメリカンクラブ フレデリック ハリス ギャラリーにて個展
    2016年 北京にて個展

    Profile of HOSOKAWA Takahiro
    -Exhibition at Beijing in 2016
    -Exhibition at Frederick Harris Gallery in Tokyo American Club in 2015
    -Exhibition at Gallery Yakimono Naganawa from 2008
    -Bigan his art activities in Bizen, Okayama Pref. using his grandfather's climbing kiln from 2000
    -Studied under Eiraku TAKEMURA (his grandfather)
    -Graduated Institute of Bizen ceramic of Okayama in 1999
    -Born in Okayama in 1979

  • 自然練込みとは備前の原土を水簸(すいひ)をしないで手よりで石などを取り除き作った陶土から作られたものです。


    Natural Nerikomi (kneading) is the name of products made from clay produced in Bizen (Okayama prefecture). Stones contained in the raw clay are removed by hand not by elutriation.

    The texture after firing not only exhibits a strong character of the clay but also possesses the moist surface which is characteristic to Bizen clay.

    Terrine-like look of clay layers is a natural gift of the intentional use of different clays.

    When this bowl is wet, the clay looks more vivid and keeps itself cool for long time as vaporization removes the heat. Soaking the bowl before use will help cuisine look nicer, especially for serving cool and fresh foods.