12.5 x 10cm(H)

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今野 春雄 陶歴
1952年 岩手県釜石生まれ
1972年 備前にて伊勢崎満、柴岡紘一両氏に師事
1976年 益子にて独立後登窯築窯
1987年 笠間に登窯築窯し移る
1993年 穴窯を築窯
2009年 青白磁を始める
2011年 3度目の登窯築窯
2012年 釉薬物の登窯焼成を始める

Prorile of KONNO Haruo
Continues his art activities at Kasama until present
Started works of glazed potteries by climbing kiln in 2012
Built 3rd climbing kiln in 2011
Started Seihakuji(Blue-white porcelain) in 2009
Built a tunnel-kiln(anagama) at Kasama in 1993
Built a climbing kiln(noborigama) at Kasama in 1987
Built a climbing kiln(noborigama) at Mashiko in 1976
Studied under ISEZAKI Mitsuru and SHIBAOKA Kouichi at Bizen 4 years from 1972
Born at Kamaishi, Iwate Pref. in 1952